Sunday, 27 March 2016

Five More Kamen Rider Characters Everyone Hates

 It's been five years since I posted the Ten Most Hated Kamen Rider Characters list, and since then, we've seen a lot of new characters come and ago. Some of them have been assholes. Let's have another list!

 My rules for this list are that I can only discuss characters that have been in series from the year 2010 onwards. If you're reading through this list thinking I left someone out, and they're from a show that aired prior to 2010, chances are they're on the first list. Particularly if their name starts with K and they're a massive racist.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

5 Kamen Riders I Have Loved and Lost

 You may have noticed my last update was in 2011. I didn't forget to update or abandon this blog - that's just the normal update schedule for this blog, one post every half-decade.

 Anyway, let's move on to the real thing I want to talk about today:

 Kamen Rider doesn't mind killing characters.

 Actually, let me rephrase: Kamen Rider seems to get some sadistic glee out of killing characters.

 For a show that, as much as I'd like to pretend otherwise when I'm explaining to people why I own so much of its merchandise to my friends and family, is primarily marketed to Japanese preteens, Kamen Rider goes through its own characters like it has some kind of death quota. Once a given series hits its last ten episodes the Kamen Rider fandom starts holding its breath during every fight, painfully aware that this could be the episode where a beloved character abruptly bites it.

 Through the years of watching this show I've fallen for many different Riders and most of them are dead now because a Toei executive woke up in a bad mood. Today I want to talk about those Riders.

 As always, beware of spoilers for any and all Kamen Riders!